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Contact: d.m.a.barreto(at)uva.nl

Hi! My name is Daniel and I'm an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

I'm a microeconomic theorist interested mainly in the fields of information economics, behavioral economics and political economics.

Job Market Paper

Abstract: Consumer data can be used to sort consumers into different market segments, allowing a monopolist to charge different prices at each segment. We study consumer-optimal segmentations with redistributive concerns, i.e., that prioritize poorer consumers. Such segmentations are efficient but may grant additional profits to the monopolist, compared to consumer-optimal segmentations with no redistributive concerns. We characterize the markets for which this is the case and provide a procedure for constructing optimal segmentations given a strong redistributive motive. For the remaining markets, we show that the optimal segmentation is surprisingly simple: it generates one segment with a discount price and one segment with the same price that would be charged if there were no segmentation.

Working Papers

Abstract: We analyze a model of persuasion in which the Receiver forms wishful non-Bayesian beliefs. The effectiveness of persuasion depends on Receiver’s material stakes: it is more effective when it is intended to encourage risky behaviors that potentially lead to a high payoff and less effective when it is intended to encourage more cautious behavior. We illustrate this insight with applications showing why information interventions are often ineffective in inducing greater investment in preventive health treatments, how financial advisors might take advantage of their clients overoptimistic beliefs and why strategic information disclosure to voters with different partisan preferences can lead to high belief polarization in an electorate.

Work in Progress

  • Persuasion via Text and Subtext


Year Position Course Institution
2020, 2021, 2022 TA Graduate Microeconomics II Sciences Po
2021 TA Microeconomics: Information, Design and Institutions Sciences Po
2019 Lecturer Introduction to Game Theory Sciences Po
2019 TA Introduction to Economics Sciences Po
  • TA for Graduate Microeconomics II at Sciences Po | 2020, 2021, 2022
  • TA for Microeconomics: Information, Design and Institutions | 2021
  • Lecturer for Introduction to Game Theory at Sciences Po | 2019
  • TA for Introduction to Economics at Sciences Po | 2019